Energy Recovery Systems

Energy that is contained in exhaust air, flue gasses, or heat rejection systems can often be recovered economically by the use of mechanical heat transfer equipment.

This is particularly applicable where large amounts of make-up air are involved and the cost of energy is high.

There are many different types of energy recovery systems available, including:

  • Rotary air-to-air heat exchangers (heat wheels)
  • Coil energy recovery loops
  • Heat-pipe heat transfer units
  • Fixed plate heat exchangers
  • Thermosyphon heat exchangers
  • Direct evaporative coolers

In addition, heat rejected as part of a refrigeration process can be reclaimed for heating water, intake air, and occupied spaces. It is Denron Hall’s experience that forward thinking companies can recapture the additional capital cost of Energy Recovery Systems and achieve ROI within several years, thus making it a very attractive investment.

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